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We are proud to be a pet wellness company, creating holistic products with your pet in mind. Our range of Full Spectrum CBD for dogs and cats includes a selection of CBD-infused tinctures and salves for pets, carefully formulated with all-natural ingredients, essential oils, and full spectrum cannabinoid blends. In addition, we guarantee potency and purity through third-party lab testing.
Each of our products is carefully formulated to target common ailments in pets. With our growing line of CBD for dogs and cats, there’s something to benefit every pet.



Pet owners know and understand how important their pets are in their lives. They are a part of our family. That’s why we take the best care possible for our beloved fur babies. 

My name is Damon, and I am an owner of multiple pets ranging from aquatic to reptiles and several dogs. Some would say I’m an animal enthusiast, and I would happily agree! A couple of years ago, two of my dogs, Hercules and Biggie, struggled with a debilitating condition due to their old age. I took them to their veterinarian as any dedicated dog owner would do.

The veterinarian offered a prescription medication to ease their pain. Still, I was warned that the drug would cause them to become lethargic, among other side effects, and there was no guarantee the medicine would work. This decision was one I did not want to take lightly, but I wanted to help them. With the side effects that I could expect and the low efficacy of the medication, I had a difficult decision to make. Do I give them the meds and cause other issues and still maybe not treat the main problem? Or do I not give them the meds and let them continue to be in pain? This situation was when my research on alternative options for pets began.

We’re all familiar with modern medicine, but the idea of a more homeopathic path to my dogs’ wellness intrigued me. I personally have been taking an organic human-grade CBD oil supplement for myself and wanted to dig deeper into CBD oil for pets. I bet you can guess what I did from here. Yup, I started giving my dogs CBD oil (for humans) and saw an improvement in their mobility over time. The tricky part was getting the correct dosage as animals and humans metabolize ingested materials differently. I contacted several medical professionals for both animals and humans, and after much research, I decided to create a CBD oil line of products for pets. We know CBD oil is safe for pet consumption, but we also wanted to take the guesswork out of proper dosage.

Do Good for Pets offers premium CBD products just for pets. Our line of products consists of organic, non-GMO CBD oil, all lab-tested by a third party to ensure the highest quality. Our balm and tincture are made with all pet-safe ingredients, and our treats come in natural flavors we know your pet will love. 

We cherish our pets, so why not give them the healthy life they deserve?